Where to Buy a French Press Coffee Maker: A Few Options for You

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French press coffee makers are products that can make coffee brewing possible even without electricity. Most of you may have already decided on getting a French press coffee maker. Probably, the first thing that often comes to your mind is where to buy a French press coffee maker. Although knowing that is helpful, you must also be familiar with the types of French presses. Through such, you will be able to know the right French press to buy once you have decided where to buy it.

Yes, all French press coffee makers work in the same way, but despite that, they come in a number of shapes and sizes, and there is a good reason for that. We feel obligated to talk about these differences and hopefully help you make the right decision for your unique set of requirements or preferences.

Before we go any further, a quick disclaimer is appropriate. The different types of French presses won’t affect the quality or type of the coffee they brew. The type of french press you decide to buy affects the logistical and practical uses of the press.

Types of Coffee Makers

All-in-One Travel French Press Mugs

If you spend most of your time on the road, you would love a French press travel mug. It is designed as a coffee mug that can be used for brewing coffee on the go.

You will be able to fit it into a drink holder, but more importantly, you can brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee no matter where you are. Of course, you would need coffee grounds, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you intend to make coffee while traveling.

Camper French Press

Unlike the travel French press mugs, camper French press mugs are large enough to brew coffee for a number of people. Sizes will, of course, vary a bit, but they are large enough for at least three cups of coffee per batch.

These French press coffee makers are ideal for taking on a hike, fishing or camping trip. Their most important features are durability and portability. When you’re out in the wild, your coffee maker should be able to withstand being roughed up a bit.

Glass French Press

Now that we’ve covered travelers’ and adventurers’ need for coffee, let’s focus on presses for the kitchen. The most important aspect of a glass-based French press is the ability to see how much you’ve got left in the press. It also sports appealing designs and is quite aesthetically pleasing.

The problem with these coffee makers is that they break very easily and require a bit of care. They do come with protective frames, but you can’t expect glass to withstand a fall from your kitchen countertop.

Stainless Steel French Press

Stainless steel French presses won’t shatter simply because there is nothing in it that can break. Of course, you will want to make sure the inside is also stainless steel and not cheap plastic. Secondly, they retain heat better than their glass counterparts. If you like to have your coffee slowly, then stainless steel should be your only choice.

Stainless steel French presses usually don’t look that great, especially when compared with glass French presses. Also, since they are opaque, you won’t be able to see if there is any coffee left inside them.

Where to Buy a French Press Coffee Maker: Your Choices

Now that you have decided that you really want to buy a French press coffee maker and you are already sure which type will work for you, it is now time to go over some of the options where you can buy one.


Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. You will find practically every single thing you could possibly need in one of their big-box stores. Unless you live in a small town, there should be a Walmart nearby where you can get yourself a new French press coffee maker.


Amazon is the largest online retailer. It offers endless lists of products. Since the third-party seller can use the platform to sell their own products, you can expect to list everything on Amazon literally. If you’re comfortable making such a purchase online without physically seeing the coffee maker, you can opt for Amazon.


Target is another excellent option for those who live nearby one of their big-box retail outlets. You would be able to find a number of French press coffee makers in any of the Target stores. However, you would have to go on to one of their large-format stores as small-format stores might not have enough options to choose from.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is another excellent option as it specializes in items for homes. You can head on to one of their stores, or you can opt to purchase the coffee maker from their online store. All you are required to do is search the term, French press coffee makers on their website and you will find over 60 different products to choose from.

Best Buy

Best Buy is best known for their discounts and pricing schemes. You can purchase a French press coffee maker directly from their store or use their website to purchase it remotely. According to their website, they have ten products listed under the French presses search tab. Not a particularly healthy number of listing but if you know exactly what you’re looking for, it might not be a bad idea.


Macy’s is another retailer that offers a large collection of French press coffee makers. It is ideal for those who want to be able to inspect the coffee maker before making any financial commitments physically. Of course, the company also offers an online store, but it isn’t really known for its virtual presence.

It’s American Press

It’s American Press is a small startup company that exclusively manufactures and sells high-quality French press coffee makers. These specially designed presses almost eliminate the residue from coffee grounds. Also, if you opt for the company, you would be supporting a small but ambitious startup.


As can be denoted from above, it isn’t difficult to buy a French press coffee maker. Although it isn’t a comprehensive list of where you can buy French presses, you should at least have the answer to your question of where to buy a French press coffee maker.

Whether you want it delivered to your doorsteps or if you want to be able to inspect it before you buy physically, you have a number of options to choose from.

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