What Grind to Use for French Press: A Coffee Lover’s Dilemma Solved

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Coffee has been around for centuries, and now in our time, people are always in search of the best blends and quality. Some coffee enthusiasts will go as far as to get themselves a French press so that they can make their own coffee without settling for the taste of instant and coffee shop blends.

So, if you have a French press and are curious about what grind to use for French press, this article can help you out. Apart from explaining the kind of coffee grind that you need to use for your French press, we have also discussed several best practices when making coffee using a French press.

What Grind to Use For French Press?

Using a French press may be considered a lot of work, but for the lover of coffee, it is something you will want to do because it is a classic method of brewing coffee and teas. In fact, despite its invention in the early 1900’s the press is still widely popular in Europe and Oceania countries. It is not as famous in the USA though because some people may prefer a less traditional method of making their coffee.

According to experts, a cup of coffee made from a French press has a more vibrant taste and better aroma. However, you must know what grind to use for French press in order for you achieve that quality. If you really prefer to grind your own coffee beans, the key is to have a grind that is coarse, yet even. As a guide, it should be the size of kosher salts. This consistency may be a bit difficult to get, but constant practice would help.

The problem is that if you grind your coffee too fine, it will either get stuck in the filter or force their way through and directly into your cup of Joe. They also tend to over brew your coffee, making it bitter. The most common mistakes that people make when grinding their coffee is grinding it too fine or too coarse. That is the reason why it is essential that you own a grinder if you want to use a French press. This will also ensure that the texture of the grounds is consistent.

Nonetheless, if you are uncertain of your grind quality, you can actually test whether they are too fine or coarse. To do so, put some in the filter and press them down. When they are too fine, pressing them would be a bit difficult. However, If you press the filter down and there is no resistance, then your ground is too coarse and should be further ground. On another note, if you utilize a grinder, you should only grind what you need as coffee tends to lose its flavor quickly when ground.

What are the Best Practices in Making French Press Coffee?

What people like about using a French press is how easy it is to prepare coffee. Yes, it may seem easy to use, but it is also pretty easy to mess up. Brewing is not always an effortless process, especially if you have never done it before because, at the end of the process, you should have a cup of coffee that is dense and heavy, yet elegant.

  • Coffee-to-Water Ratio

In general, it is highly recommended that you use a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:10. You can, however, adjust it depending on how you like your coffee. To get the perfect measurements, it is advisable that you use a scale. Since not a lot of people actually own a scale, you can use measuring cups or conversion charts to help you to get the most accurate measurements in grams.

  • Brewing Technique

Making a rich coffee brew does not just require you to have the right ratio and coarse ground. You should also ensure that the water for the press has reached its boiling point. Also, at first, the amount of water that you need to pour should be twice the amount of your coffee grounds. Then, stir the grounds and water mixture and allow it to sit for about thirty seconds. Only after then should you add the remaining water and let the coffee brew for four minutes. After which, press the filter down, and you should serve the coffee immediately.

In addition, you must keep in mind that you should never leave your coffee in the press once it is finished brewing. If you do this, your coffee will be too strong and will have a bitter taste. Thus, if you really do not want to waste coffee, then you should consider brewing as much as you are going to drink.


As a coffee lover, there is only one grind you should use for your French press, and that is the coarse type. The problem with that is sometimes, it is difficult to tell what is coarse and what is fine. As a general rule of thumb, you should use the size of kosher salt as a guide to help you determine what is considered coarse. If you are still confused, you can test the quality of your grind by using the filter of the French press. If the coffee grinds are resistant to the plunger, then they were ground too fine, and if they cause the plunger to fall down, then they are too coarse.

To brew the best coffee, it is not only recommended that you have the right grind, but you should also use the right ratio of coffee grind to water. It is also worth noting that you pour the coffee out of the press as soon as you are finished pressing; this will avoid over brewing the coffee grind.

In addition, you should also have some kitchen tools to help you get the perfect cup of coffee and grind quality. That will include a scale, timer, grinder, and kettle as well as a wooden spoon to help you with stirring. If you still have problems with getting the right grind, you should consider asking a fellow coffee lover for assistance.

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