What Does French Press Coffee Taste Like: Reasons Why the French Press is the Best

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We all have been there, waking up in the morning feeling all groggy and desperate for our cup of coffee. However, there are several people who still go down to the corner of the street to a café to buy an overpriced cup of coffee. There is something about homemade coffee that will completely change your perception of it—especially French press coffee. That is why we will tell you all about it and also tell you what does French press coffee taste like.

The French press is actually considered to be one of the oldest methods of making coffee. Although it was conceptualized somewhere in the 1800s, it was only in the early 1900s where a fully functional model of the French press was released. The reason why there was such a delay was that the filter had a ton of issues and would leave the coffee remnants in the drink. It took a while to figure how to resolve that issue.

It was the company Melior that first released the French press to the public with a much efficient filter. However, Bodum Inc. eventually purchased the original idea and made it far more popular that Melior French press.

What Does French Press Coffee Taste Like: The Expectations

Many coffee experts believe that only the French press is capable of giving the perfect kind of coffee. It does make a lot of people question why only this appliance is capable of doing so. The answer is quite simple actually. This press pot offers its users a ton of leeway in the whole coffee brewing process. To begin with, since you end up using metal and nylon filters, it will allow more flavor-carrying lipids and colloids to seep through the filters.

This can never be achieved in a paper filter because they tend to block all of these particles, and they never end up reaching the hot water. These lipids and colloids are responsible for creating that strong and unique flavor in the coffee. Moreover, the user has more control over the whole brewing process, be it the time taken for steeping and the whole extraction, which you will never have in an automated coffee maker.

It is because of all of these factors why you end up with a stronger and different tasting coffee. French press coffee tends to be thicker and can coat the entire tongue with that beautiful coffee flavor.

To provide you a clearer idea about the taste of French press coffee, we compared that with a cup of coffee made using a regular coffee maker, and put them side by side to see which had a better taste and why.

French Press Coffee vs. Coffee Maker-Made Coffee

To begin with, the French press in comparison with the regular coffee maker gives a hotter cup of coffee as you have to boil the water first. Even when it came to the body of the coffee in the cup, it was very clear that the French press was darker, stronger and more vibrant than the regular coffee which was easily lighter in color.

Lastly, between the two coffees, it was the coffee from the French press that had more flavor. In fact, it was capable of extracting flavor from every single coffee ground which we wouldn’t have even realized that it existed had we only had the coffee from the regular coffee maker. Coffee from the regular coffee maker felt very diluted and also lacked that punch and flavor that we got from the French press coffee.

It goes without saying that when it comes to making the most out of the coffee beans, the French press definitely takes the cake. This handy equipment will extract all the flavor out of your coffee beans and thus ensure your coffee beans are used to the fullest and also rendering you a perfect cup of coffee every time.

We are certain that by now, you are sold on the entire concept of French press coffee. However, you must know that this isn’t a very simple process, especially if your aim is to achieve a perfect cup of coffee. So, for all those amateurs out there, we will be giving out some top tips for making the best coffee from the French press.

Top Tips for the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee: 

  • Never use boiling water to make your coffee. Let the water cool down for a minute or two after boiling. The ideal temperature of the water should be about 202F.
  • The ratio of the coffee to water can range between 1:10 and 1:18. However, what is advisable is that you use the ratio 1:15.
  • Always remember that the coffee grounds should be coarse and not fine. A fine coffee grind will definitely seep through the mesh and come into your coffee. For reference, the consistency of the grind should be similar to that of sea salt.
  • It is best that you buy yourself a burr grinder as that will always give you the right grind of coffee.
  • The water quality also makes a big difference in the end product. You can either use fresh water or distilled water for best results.
  • Pour the hot water steadily and evenly all over the coffee grounds so that flavors from all the ground beans can be extracted.
  • Once poured, avoid stirring the coffee vigorously. Do it gently or else; the grinds may fall out and into the coffee.
  • Once done steeping, push the plunger slowly to the bottom.
  • The maximum time you can let the coffee steep is about ten minutes if you want it to be extremely strong. Do not go beyond the ten-minute mark as it will render the coffee bitter and burnt.
  • Use all the coffee from your French press in one go and do not let it sit in there.
  • Lastly, always wash your French press and all the parts thoroughly with soap and water. Otherwise, it will make the next batch of coffee taste bitter and even rancid.


We hope that the details we have given on what does French press coffee taste like already urges you to stop buying overpriced, average coffees from cafés, and make your own cup of coffee, especially from a French press. Granted that it is a bit of an effort to make coffee in a French press, but we can assure you that there is no better coffee other than French press coffee and you will never be able to go back.

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