Percolator vs French Press: Which One’s the Best?

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A large percentage of the world’s population cannot get their day started without a steaming hot, strong and flavorful cup of coffee. It is believed that the US is the world’s leading consumer of coffee. You will find coffee stores at every corner of the street. You may also be the kind that likes to brew his own coffee at home. But, different people use different brewing methods. So, we’re here to decide which is better—Percolator v French Press.

Coffee is considered to be fuel for several people. It gives an extra level of energy that everyone desires when they wake up in the morning. There are numerous kinds of coffee beans around the world. People are fiercely loyal to the kind and brand of coffee they use. In addition to that, people are also very selective about the kind of brewing techniques they use. In this article, we’ll tell you what and which one is better between the Percolator vs French Press.

Percolator vs French Press: Which is Better?

Choosing the right kind of brewing method is the second most important thing after choosing the right kind of coffee. But, before stating which one is better between the two, it is imperative to know how exactly each of them works. So, let us shed some light on them.

The French Press

The French press is known by several names such as coffee press, press pot, сafetière à piston and several others, and this entirely depends on which part of the globe you live in. Not as commonly used as other coffee brewing types of equipment, yet it is highly popular and really known for the strong and flavorful coffee it produces.

The French press is a cylindrically shaped container, either made out of steel or glass, including a lid that comes along with a plunger that is movable. This is in the center of it. This plunger has a very fine and a circularly shaped mesh at one end. This circular shape is the circumference of the container. There is a beak on this container which allows the freshly brewed coffee to pour out of.

One of the most important criteria of the French press is that it needs a coarser ground of coffee. This is because if you use finely ground coffee, it will pass through the mesh leaving you ground coffee remnants in your cup and also a far bitter taste. Moreover, it will also make the liquid thicker than it needs to be which will force you to push down the plunger harder, leaving you with a possibility of an injury.

The way the French press brews is by submerging the ground coffee with sufficient hot water. After 30 seconds of letting it saturate, you can fill the container up with the remaining hot water. Generally, the ratio of coffee to water is 1:15. Allowing this mixture to sit for about three to four minutes will let the flavor be fully extracted from the coffee. You can then put the lid the mesh and force the plunger to the bottom to collect the beans which thereafter, coffee can be served.

The Coffee Percolator

The coffee percolator is brewing equipment that has ground coffee and is put on an elevated filter. This filter is in the middle of a column. Steam from the boiling water underneath the elevated surface comes from this column. Then, the spreading plate is used to spread around the condensation to the ground coffee. In the end, water passes through all the beans and back into the hot water, making it your coffee.

Which One’s Better?

If the yield is your area of concern, then surely the percolator is the one you need. You will get quite a few numbers of cups from this equipment.

But, if taste and flavor are of absolute importance to you, then we recommend the French press. Percolators tend to have a bit of a bitter taste to their coffee because the beans are roasted over and over again. However, the process to brew coffee from a French press is far quicker and uses lesser heat than its counterpart, which ensures you get the perfect tasting cup of coffee always.


Between Percolator vs French Press, we would highly recommend the latter mainly for the intense flavor you derive from it. However, coffee from the percolator is not too bad either and is absolutely essential when you are in need to brew a larger quantity of coffee.

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