How Much Ground Coffee for French Press Is Needed?

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Don’t we all want to prepare the perfect cup of French-pressed coffee? Isn’t it the most relaxing experience and a simple pleasure to start our mornings with? If so, then learning the basics, such as how much ground coffee for French press, is among the very first things that you have to do.

Making a delicious cup of coffee is an art in itself. In order to do it, you would need to learn about the many ways it can be done. To be honest, there are probably hundreds of ways to make a great coffee, but using a French press is among the easiest and most inexpensive ways.

Why Do Millions Prefer French Press Coffee?

Many of us have very busy mornings that we don’t have enough time to spare to brew the perfect cup of coffee. However, we also don’t want to just sacrifice its quality and taste. Thus, we use a French press.

This equipment offers an inexpensive and easy method of preparing coffee quickly. The entire process is pretty simple too; you just steep the ground coffee in hot water and then slowly press the grounds out.

However, as ground coffee is the most important ingredient, you need to take proper care of the quantity, which is why it is essential to learn how much ground coffee for French press is needed. These new coffee makers also provide you with a real, aromatic brew.

However, you have to remember that it is you who have to decide about the quantity of the ground coffee. The bitterness and the oiliness in the coffee depend on the quantity of ground coffee you use. So you need to be very careful and precise.

Making a Great French Press Coffee

Even though French press coffee is easy to make, if you are new to it, or you are using the wrong quantity of grounded coffee, you may find the taste a little murky and bitter. You need to do some experiment with the amount of coffee grounds before finding the perfect balance that can satisfy your taste buds.

What are the most important things to take note of when making a delicious cup of French press coffee? Here are the three most important factors that can affect the taste and overall quality of your cup of coffee:

  • The quantity of the grounds, which we will discuss in detail in the next section
  • The water temperature, as you need to choose between the boiling water or tepid water according to the taste you want.
  • How you ground the coffee is also important. If you turn it into a fine grit, it can make the taste turn bitter and the texture a bit like mud. You need to grind it the right way.

What Do You Need to Make a French Press Coffee?

If you are just getting started with making coffee using a French press, make sure you are equipped with all the necessary ingredients and tools. You will need the following to brew a great cup of French press coffee:

  • French press
  • Stirring utensils
  • Water in the right amount
  • The right amount of grounded coffee beans
  • Kettle
  • Timer
  • Burr grinder

How Much Ground Coffee for French Press Is Needed?

Now, to the most important question, how much ground coffee is the right amount? Well, the correct answer depends on the number of cups you want to brew.

Here is a recommended combination for brewing perfect french coffee.

  • For Three Cups

If you are brewing coffee for three cups, the right amount of ground coffee is 17 grams, which makes it around two to three tablespoons. You also need to make sure that the amount of your water after the preheating process remains around 275 ml for three cups.

  • For Four Cups

If you want to brew four cups of coffee, the right amount is around 27 grams, which is around four to five tablespoons. For this, you also need 430 ml of water and some additional for preheating.

  • For Eight Cups

What if you have a lot of guests or you need to serve a family gathering? In case you need to brew at least eight cups of coffee, the right amount is 54 grams of coffee grounds. This equals to eight to 10 tablespoons. You also need a total of 860 ml of water even after the preheating process.

We are sure if you are using the water as well as coffee grounds in the right quantity, and the temperature is right, you will end up preparing the coffee your taste buds crave for.

More Recommendations

When you are preparing French press coffee, make sure to clean it thoroughly so that there are no coffee grounds left or stuck from the last time you used it. These leftovers, especially grounds that remained stuck in the mesh filter, can ruin your precise quantity and can add bitter flavors to your coffee.

You also need to make sure you are grinding your coffee beans the right way. We recommend using whole bean coffee when you are a beginner and grinding your coffee beans with quality grinders right before brewing. This is a common mistake as many people grind the beans too early, which causes a loss of good flavors and aromas.

If you really are serious about making the perfect cup of coffee, using a scale can also help. The more precise you are about the measurements, the better the result you will have.

Final Words

Even though you need to take care of temperature, and how the coffee beans are grounded, the most important factor behind a delicious cup of coffee is the right amount of grounded coffee and water. We are sure you now have a clear idea of how much the right quantity is needed depending on the number of cups you want to make. We hope you will enjoy the best cup of French press coffee after reading this article!

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