French Press vs Aeropress: Which is the Better Coffee Brewing Method?

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For years, a lot of people have debated over which is the better brewing method: French press vs Aeropress? However, up until now, the victor is still unclear. Perhaps the reason is that it all boils down to the coffee drinker’s personal preference.

Nonetheless, it is really hard to figure out how to settle the score when comparing two coffee brewing methods with slightly different features. How are we going to accomplish that, though? The answer is relatively easy. You just have to ask yourself, “Why do you drink coffee?”

Surely, you will come to the conclusion that it is about its remarkable taste. With that taste comes the feeling of satisfaction that you associate coffee with. Yes, coffee can give you the boost that you need, but are you really thinking about that benefit as you drink it?

Other than that, you might have some lifestyle concerns,such as the classic case of a morning rush. Surely, you would want something that can brew coffee quickly. But is that what you really like? Is going out the door in just five minutes such a priority to you that drinking poor-tasting coffee is okay?

More often than not, when this happens, you dump out your own brew and buy something else from your favorite coffee shop instead. What we are trying to say here is that it all comes down to taste. Other aspects of taking coffee are just supplementary.

So, in this French Press vs Aeropress article, we are going to judge these coffee makers based on the taste of the coffee that they produce. However, we will also give insight regarding the other aspects, just so you can see which one is better in that situation.

Are you itching to know which one will come out as the victor? Read on!

On French Press Coffee Makers

Let us first discuss this classic coffee brewing method. There is definitely a good reason why this method has stood the test of time, and that reason is that you get a good brew every time. With a French press coffee maker, you get a carafe, a plunger with an attached filter to it, a lid, and, in some cases, a second mesh screen. This type of coffee maker is pretty simple to use too.

What you do is put the coffee grounds in it and add hot water. You then let it do its thing, and when you are ready to drink your coffee, you just push the plunger to let all those flavors out. Afterward, you are now you are ready to pour yourself a cup coffee.

Advantages of Using French Press Coffee Makers

  • It provides a richer taste. This is the case because the grounds are exposed to the water just long enough to develop its initial flavor. Once the plunger is used, a filtering and pushing mechanism would then work hand-in-hand to accentuate the flavor of the coffee grounds.
  • Easy to manage. All you have to do is to start the brew and just leave it as it is. You are free to do other things and just get back to it when you need to get a drink.
  • Multiple cups. One brew can give you up to eight regular cups of coffee, and these are just for the standard ones. There are already French press coffee makers that can brew up to 16 cups at a time.
  • Maintenance of temperature. Whether you have glass or steel carafes, more often than not, French presses are properly insulated to keep your coffee warm for long periods.

Disadvantages of Using French Press Coffee Makers

  • Brewing time. The standard ones finish their brew in five minutes, while other models need more time.
  • Coffee bean quality and grind. French presses can be snobs as the flavor of a poor quality coffee bean will just be made more obvious. In terms of the grind, there are those that cannot process medium grounds, so you are left with bland coffee.
  • High-quality French Press. Not all French presses are made the same. If you get a bad one, surely you will get bad tasting coffee with matching stray coffee grounds in our cup.

On Aeropress Coffee Makers

This brewing method is fairly new, but it derives its function from the French press. The difference lies in the way the coffee grounds are treated. For this method, you only have two cylinders. One cylinder acts as a brewing chamber wherein you put your grounds and water. The other cylinder is then put on top of the first one, and this is the one that you push to extract coffee.

Advantages of Using Aeropress Coffee Makers

  • Brewing time. Because brewing chamber itself can be pushed down, your coffee is ready to be extracted in just under three minutes.
  • Clean taste. The sudden force that comes from the second cylinder makes for a clearer-looking and cleaner-tasting coffee.
  • Portability. You can take it anywhere as the two cylinders are very lightweight and easy to store.
  • Easy to clean. There is no need for assembling and disassembling it. All you have to do is to chuck it in your dishwasher.
  • Pressure control. Some baristas prefer this method since they can customize the pressure to brew the coffee in.

Disadvantages of Using Aeropress Coffee Makers

  • One cup. You only get one cup from a single brew.
  • Ease of use. Imagine consistently pushing on a cylinder. It can really take a toll on you.
  • Messy. It has no safeguards against knocking it over while you are in the middle of brewing.
  • Coffee grounds. When using an Aeropress coffee maker, you should have really fine coffee grounds to extract a strong taste. Otherwise, you have to keep on brewing the same extracted coffee to get to that robust flavor.

French Press vs Aeropress: The Winner

If you are after the whole experience of brewing coffee, go for the French Press and capture the exquisite and elegant culture that is embodied in this classic brewing method. Surely, you will get the best-tasting coffee when you use this method.

The Aeropress can still be of use, though, especially during those times when you just want to get quick a cup of coffee. Other than that, the flavor profile that it gives does not give justice to the beans that you are using.

Final Words

There you have it, the French press is clearly the winner in terms of taste, but it does not mean that you should just snub the Aeropress. The latter is still the answer to today’s convenience woes. Nevertheless, the former is truly a classic that will make you appreciate coffee more—not just for drinking, but also the art of brewing it.

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