French Press Sizes: What Are They?

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In America, 83 percent of its population drink coffee every morning. Coffee is also the second most traded product in the world, and because of this, we see coffee shops rise everywhere. In addition, brewing coffee in the comforts of one’s home has become equally famous.

One of the common tools used in making coffee at home is the French press. This coffee maker may look simple, but there are many factors to consider when buying one.

One of them is the size, and there are varied French press sizes depending on the brand you will be choosing, but their sizes are as follows.

French Press Sizes: The Smallest to Biggest and the Travel Size

3-cup French press

This French press size is the smallest in the market, and most coffee press brands should have this size. It is capable of carrying about 12 ounces or 0.35 liters of coffee.

This size is perfect for those who like to make a fresh cup of coffee every time and don’t want to reheat cold coffee from the French press.

4-cup French press

The 4-cup French press can carry about 17 ounces or half a liter of coffee. While the three-cup French press is for those who just want a single serving of coffee, this one is for the people who want to drink a couple of mugs in the morning.

5-cup French press

Some brands might not have this size, but brands like Frieling has this. This French press size is able to serve coffee to a crowd of four people.

8-cup French press

The 8-cup, the one-liter or the 34-ounce French press is the most common size we see in the market. In fact, most brands of French coffee presses have this size. This is the perfect size if you have members of your family who like to have a cup in the morning.

12-cup French press

Otherwise known as the 51-ounce French press, this size is one of the biggest in the market. This is the ideal size if you have a bigger family or if you like to make a single brew for a whole day’s worth of coffee.

14-cup French press

The 14-cup French press is the biggest size we have seen in the market. This size is ideal if you like serving coffee to a crowd of people. Although not very common, the brand SterlingPro has this huge French press size.

Travel French press

This may not be the smallest French press because manufacturers usually size them at 15 ounces so this is actually bigger than the three-cup French press. However, this one is designed for travel, so this is the better choice to bring when traveling rather than the three-cup French press.

Coffee Brewing: Other Methods that Don’t Require a Machine

Although using a French press is becoming popular, there are also other coffee brewing methods that some coffee connoisseurs prefer because of the flavor it creates, and they are the following:

Cold Brewing

This method takes hours to complete so this one is not for the impatient; however, the long hours result in a sweeter, nuttier flavored coffee. In addition, this method produces less caffeine because as its name implies, cold water instead of hot is used to brew coffee and this method requires coarsely ground coffee beans.

Pour Over

Pour over is a type of drip coffee method and it is very popular just like the French press method. Coffee made using this method is bolder and stronger, and since it is stronger, the amount of caffeine is also high.

Additionally, this method requires finely ground coffee beans and the process, before you can get a cup, is slower method than French press brewing.


The use of this method is starting to become popular in the coffee world. The coffee produced using this method is very strong and has a high caffeine content. Actually, the flavor it has is already bordering to an espresso.

Moka Pot

This method also creates coffee similar to espresso but with a less intense flavor and without the crema. A Moka pot is not electrically powered, but you would need a stove to make coffee in this.


The use of percolator is one of the oldest methods around. Like the Moka pot, it also requires a stove to make coffee. Moreover, there is a debate with regard to the coffee flavor created in this.

Some say that it produces a full-bodied flavor and others say it over extracts, that’s why the result is a poor coffee taste. Whichever side you are on; we say it’s probably just a matter of preference.

Final Words

The different French press sizes may make it more difficult for you to choose which French press to buy, but it is important to make the right choice depending on what your needs are.

For example, if you have a number of family members who likes to have a cup before leaving the house in the morning, the 12-cup French press should be the better option. On the other hand, if you live alone, the single-serve or the 3-cup French press is the right one for you but, if you like to have the size that can provide several cups of coffee, the 8-cup French press is the standard size to purchase.

Furthermore, coffee is one of the drinks that is a part of every culture all around the world, and different methods are used to prepare it. It is one of the drinks that people rely on so they can stay awake in the morning because of its caffeine content. Some experts may say that drinking too much coffee is bad, but actually, it has some good benefits.

First, it is rich in antioxidants so it can help fight cancer and other diseases. Another is, it can help improve your brain function because the right amount of caffeine can help keep your mind alert so you can absorb more information. In addition, it can help increase your energy levels.

It wouldn’t matter now whether you want to use a French press or a percolator to prepare your coffee because each method can create the distinct flavor you prefer. The important is to make sure that you don’t drink too much because, as we have mentioned, too much of this drink may have bad effects on your health.

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