Drip Coffee Maker vs French Press: Which One Do You Prefer?

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For avid coffee drinkers, coffee is not just any regular beverage. There are people who cannot begin their day without a cup of hot and strong coffee. Each person has their own needs and preference on their coffee. One such need is the type of brewing method, and the drip and the French press are two very popular choices. Hence, we’ll tell you which is better—drip coffee maker vs French press.

Drip Coffee Maker vs French Press: The Battle of the Best

To press or to drip is an age-old choice amongst coffee addicts. Not one of them is better than the other. Each of them deserves thorough understanding and exploration. Of course, it does come down to a matter of need and preference; it is essential to know each of them thoroughly to make an informed choice between the two.

Drip Coffee Maker

The Drip Coffee Maker is one of the most commonly used coffee brewing equipment across the world. It is easy to use and requires very little effort. This machine is fully automated, and the simple click of a button will provide you coffee.

All you need to do is to place the fine ground coffee inside of the brewing equipment. After turning the machine on, it will extract the coffee from the grounds and in a matter of minutes, it will produce a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The reason it got so popular is due to its simplicity, ease of use, and the bare minimum effort it needed.

French Press Coffee Maker

Also known as the coffee plunger or press pot, the French press is an ideal choice of brewing if you need a stronger, richer, and flavorful cup of coffee every time.

The way this machine works is by basically forcing the ground coffee beans with the help of the plunger to the bottom of the container to extract all of its flavors which leaves you with an intense and strong cup of coffee. It is recommended to use a coarse ground coffee so that the grounds don’t get mixed with the drink.

Factors to Consider

Both of them are good and unique in their own way. However, there should be a comparison between the two to figure how each of them is better than the other.

The Kind of Brews

The French press and the drip maker both require different kinds of coffee grounds to work efficiently. The drip coffee requires a finer ground of coffee, unlike the French press. It is wise to invest in a good quality burr-grinder to get the ideal coffee grounds.

If the ground coffee isn’t too fine or too coarse, then the end product will be poor. This is because the way each these brewing equipment’s filters are designed is that it needs an even and consistent grind of coffee.

The Time It Takes

Let’s face it; none of us have the time to wait too long for a cup of coffee. It takes the French press about five to eight minutes to produce a cup of coffee. The drip coffee takes five to ten minutes, including the machine to warm up, to produce a cup of coffee. So, the French press barely scrapes through to be called a winner.

The Brewing Method

There is a clear winner here, and that is the drip coffee method. This method is fully automated. By just putting the ground beans inside and turning it on, the machine will take care of the rest for you. The French press requires a certain level of skill as this method is completely manual.

The End Result

What matters at the end of the day is which method produces a better cup of coffee, and in this case, the winner is the French press. Drip method coffee can be very inconsistent and entirely depends on the machine. Provided you do it the right way always, the resulting coffee from the French press will always be full-bodied and packed with a ton of flavor.


Between the Drip Coffee Maker vs French Press, the latter does have the upper hand. But, sadly you will need a right amount of skill in order to achieve a perfect cup of coffee. Although the drip coffee takes a little longer, it is fully automated, which leaves you to do whatever you want to do in the meanwhile. No matter whatever your choice is, you are definitely going to be content with either of them.

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