Compare French Press Coffee Makers: The Different Types

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Making a good cup of Joe at home is not that difficult anymore because there are different coffee-making methods one can use. Making coffee at home does not only help you save money, it also allows you to control how strong and how sweet it should be. In addition, you are also helping the environment because you won’t be using disposable cups anymore.

One of the most popular tools among coffee connoisseurs is the French press. So, below is a list that will compare French press coffee makers with regard to the material they are made of.

Compare French Press Coffee Makers: Glass, Stainless Steel or Ceramic?

Glass French Press

Glass French presses are the most popular type of French press in the market. They can either have a frame or support at the bottom, so they have protection from accidental bumps.

Many people love these because they are able to see how the coffee grounds are being brewed. In addition, the designs of glass French presses are just so pretty that they make a lovely decor on countertops.

There are a couple of drawbacks on using this type of French press; one is that glass can shatter. However, manufacturers today use borosilicate glass which can withstand heat and are thicker than other types of glass.

Nevertheless, you still need to be careful in handling these because even though they are made of durable glass, they are still glass so they can break. Another disadvantage of glass French presses is that they do not keep your coffee warm for a very long time—you either make just enough or reheat the coffee when it gets cold.

Stainless Steel French Press

Unlike glass, stainless steel French presses are more durable because they basically do not break. They also keep your coffee warmer longer because some have a double wall construction.

Similar to glass French presses, they also have nice sleek designs which make them look great in kitchen countertops. On the contrary, you won’t be able to see through if you like to see how your coffee is brewing.

Similarly, you also have to watch out how long you will be keeping your brew in it as you might end up with bitter coffee.

Ceramic French Press

Ceramic French presses are also a great choice if you want a coffee maker that will last a long time. Aside from durability, they are also able to trap heat more because they have a thick construction.

When it comes to design, they don’t have many, but they come in different colors so they still would look good in your kitchen. A couple of drawbacks, though, is you won’t be able to see your coffee brewing process. Ceramic French presses are also a little heavier compared to other types.

Other Types

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there is also the French press travel mugs which are perfect for those who like to have a fresh cup of coffee on the go. They are mini versions of the normal French presses.

They are capable of carrying 15 ounces of coffee, and they also have a plunger. Plus, most of them are insulated, so your coffee stays hot longer.

Finally, there are also plastic French presses. They are made of durable, BPA-free plastic so unlike glass, they don’t break easily but they are not as popular as the other types of French presses. In addition, they are made of plastic so the carafe can become discolored and foggy in the long run.

French Press Coffee Makers: The Advantages

Better Coffee Flavor

The number one reason why some people use the French press is that coffee made in it has fuller, bolder flavor. The reason behind that is the filter used in it is a superfine mesh which allows the oils of the coffee go into the water as well. Additionally, you have control over how strong your coffee is.


If you have seen a French press already, you will see that it is not a humongous item. The most common size you will see in the market is the one-liter or 24-ounce size, so it’s very similar to a pitcher.

In addition, it does not have cords or cables so it’s something that you can bring when you travel.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Like we have mentioned, French presses are effortless to use. You just need to put coffee grounds in the beaker then add hot water, and you already have good coffee.

Cleaning these are also uncomplicated because it does not have so many parts; handwashing it will only take a few minutes. Additionally, some French presses are even dishwasher-safe, so you can just pop them in there if you want a more trouble-free way of cleaning it.


Although the French press looks like a pitcher, its design has evolved over the years depending on the manufacturer. Different materials have been used, from stainless steel to sustainable bamboo, to make it more stylish. Because of this, the French press will make a nice addition on any kitchen countertop.

Lots of Options

Whatever need you may have, there is a French press that is right for you. There is also never going to be a scarcity of options in the market when it comes to style for the reason that manufacturers have created different designs that will fit whatever taste you have.

Final Words

Choosing the right coffee maker, if you are shopping for one, can become overwhelming because there are many choices. However, you can always compare French press coffee makers so you can find which one will suit your needs.

If you are looking for durability, stainless steel or ceramic French press is the perfect option, but if you want to see how your coffee is brewing, your choices are either a glass or a plastic French press. Although all of them are stylish in their own right, the most aesthetically pleasing is the glass French press.

Nevertheless, whichever type of French press you will be choosing, any of them is capable of brewing a cup of full-bodied coffee. Each of them is also easy to clean and highly portable.

Finally, we all know that coffee is rich in antioxidants, but you have to be careful on your intake because too much caffeine is not good for the body.

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