Chef’s Star French Press Review

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There is no shortage of French presses in today’s market. Varying in size, brewing capacity and material of construction, there is a wide range of press pots which you can purchase. But if you want to brew a flavorful cup of Joe, and that too in a short span of time, this is where the Chef’s Star French Press comes into play.

Available in an elegant chrome design, this coffee maker incorporates a flawless double screen filter. It makes sure that the final product will be free of any kind of particles which, if present, can deteriorate the taste of your coffee. This product also comes with a 34-ounce capacity which is better as compared to a vast majority of French presses in the market.

So if you want to purchase a high-quality French press for your home or office, have a look at the Chef’s Star French Press review.

Chef’s Star French Press Chef’s Star French Press Features

Mesh Lid

The Chef’s Star French Press incorporates a premium-grade plunger. This plunger comes integrated with a mesh lid which, for your convenience, is pretty easy to clean. The mesh lid acts as an integral part of this unit as apart from the double screen filters which are designed at the bottom of this French press, the stainless steel mesh lid works as a third filter.

Basically, it handles all those coffee-particles which somehow find their way through the dual screen filters. Once you press down the plunger, it will trap all the coffee particles which are left unaffected by the double screen filters. As a result, you can be extra sure that your cup of coffee will be free from any kind of granules.

Pyrex Glass

For those customers who want to keep their coffee fresh for an extended duration, the Chef’s Star French Press comes with a heat-resistant Pyrex glass design. Such kind of construction makes sure that your coffee will stay piping hot for a good few hours after brewing.  Furthermore, this glass incorporates a durable construction which means that you can use this coffee maker for a consistent duration of time.


Depending on the size of your cups, you can use the Chef’s Star French Press to brew eight cups of coffee at a time. However, if you prefer large-sized mugs, you can prepare four coffee mugs in a single serving.

Additional Accessories

On purchasing the Chef’s Star French Press, you’ll get a couple of screen filters for absolutely free. If you’ve used French presses in the past, you might be aware of the fact that the filter is one of the few components of this item which needs to be replaced at frequent intervals. So when the manufacturer is providing two of them with this purchase, you don’t have to spend additional money after making this acquisition.


  • Heat-resistant Pyrex glass
  • Stainless steel mesh lid acts as a third filter
  • Elegant design makes it a worthwhile investment


  • Not very easy to clean


The Chef’s Star French Press comes with a stainless steel plunger along with a durable mesh lid. The glass of this coffee maker is made of heat-resistant Pyrex, and it comes with a 34-ounce brewing capacity. Apart from making smooth coffees with this product, you can also use this French press for making flawless espressos. Finally, the manufacturer is providing two different filters with this purchase.


Available in a similar price range, the Chef’s Star French Press goes head to head against the Kuissential French Press in today’s market. Both these products exhibit a similar brewing capacity, and you can use any one of these French presses for brewing instant coffee.

Coming towards their filtration mechanism, this is where the Chef’s Star French Press stands tall against the Kuissential French Press. The reason behind it is when the former coffee maker incorporates an intuitive double screen filter, along with an added mesh lid, there is no such thing with the latter French press.

Furthermore, you’ll get a couple of extra filters on purchasing the Chef’s Star French Press. But when it comes to the Kuissential French Press, it comes without any such accessory. So whether you’re a budget-oriented shopper, or even if you want to enjoy the real taste of coffee, the Chef’s Star French Press coffeemaker can be your first preference.


The Chef’s Star French Press is a high-quality product for the real coffee-enthusiasts. This model comes with a double filtration system along with a heat resistant glass design. When the former enhances the taste of your coffee, the latter makes sure that you can use this French press for years to come. Also present in this purchase is a couple of additional features which gives you a good value for your money.

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