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Best Single Serve French Press

Coffee has been a part of our mornings for thousands of years. We rely on this beverage to keep us awake for work or whatever activity we are set to do for the day. The great thing is that there were studies that have shown that coffee has a lot of antioxidants. However, too much intake […]

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Best Stainless Steel French Press: The Most Durable Coffee Press

The French press is otherwise known as a coffee press, Cafeteria, cafetière or сafetière à piston. It is a kitchen gadget used to brew coffee by putting coarsely ground coffee beans and hot water inside the container. After brewing the coffee grounds for about four minutes, the plunger is pressed, so the coffee is filtered […]

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Compare French Press Coffee Makers: The Different Types

Making a good cup of Joe at home is not that difficult anymore because there are different coffee-making methods one can use. Making coffee at home does not only help you save money, it also allows you to control how strong and how sweet it should be. In addition, you are also helping the environment […]

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French Press Sizes: What Are They?

In America, 83 percent of its population drink coffee every morning. Coffee is also the second most traded product in the world, and because of this, we see coffee shops rise everywhere. In addition, brewing coffee in the comforts of one’s home has become equally famous. One of the common tools used in making coffee […]

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Where to Buy a French Press Coffee Maker: A Few Options for You

French press coffee makers are products that can make coffee brewing possible even without electricity. Most of you may have already decided on getting a French press coffee maker. Probably, the first thing that often comes to your mind is where to buy a French press coffee maker. Although knowing that is helpful, you must also […]

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How to Use Bodum French Press Coffee Makers: All You Need to Know

Unless you are living under a rock, you know what the reputed company Bodum is. Bodum, Inc., is a kitchenware and tableware company and was founded in the year 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bodum is particularly known for its coffee presses—more accurately, their French coffee presses. They are known to offer a smooth and full-bodied […]

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