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What Is a French Press Used For: Making the Most of the Presser

There are many ways to make coffee. One can choose to brew using a traditional coffee maker or even make a cup using instant coffees. However, there is another option for making a great cup of this beverage. Unfortunately, many coffee lovers are unfamiliar with this method and often ask what is a French press […]

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French Press vs Espresso Machine: Brewing a Better Cup

Coffee lovers, young and old, adore a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, regardless if it was made using a coffee drip, a French press or an espresso machine. These three machines are but some of the mainstays of a caffeine addict’s kitchen, someone who would know the difference between French press vs espresso machine. Drip […]

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Can You Make Espresso in a French Press: The Different Ways

Can you make espresso in a French press? Yes, you can. But, seriously, the more important question that you should be asking is how to go about it. Espresso is a slightly different kind of coffee from the one that you normally get with a French press. The type of coffee that you get with […]

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Can You Use a French Press for Tea: The Brewing Basics

Coffee and tea are not the same drinks, but both are some of the most popular beverages around. Coffee is quite famous as a morning booster, and although too much of it will give you jitters, there are some good to it when consumed in moderation. Tea, on the other hand, is said to be […]

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